Business interests representation service in all areas of interaction in Russia

Key instrument to the Russian market

What We Do

We provide all our best competencies to those interested in doing business in Russia
Market research
Gathering information about your target market:

We study the client's competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages, in order to understand how and with what help we will defeat them.

We study the target audience, what sources of information they use, which opinion leaders they listen to, and their consumer preferences in order to convey the correct information through the mouths of people who are authoritative for them, from sources they respect.
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Internet marketing
Actions aimed at promoting goods and services on the Internet.

We create effective Internet resources, organize the traffic of potential buyers, convert website visitors into buyers and partners.

We use the most useful Internet marketing tools: we create convenient websites, generate wonderful promotional materials, and organize effective advertising campaigns.

We influence public opinion through forums, professional communities and opinion leaders.
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Obtaining permits
We analyze what documents are necessary for the implementation of your planned activities on the territory of Russia.

We carry out obtaining all the necessary documents for the implementation of your type of activity documents: registration certificates, certificates of conformity, licenses, quality certificates.

We interact with all government organizations at all required levels
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Legal support
We check contractors for reliability and integrity so that you do not fall for crooks and scammers, but deal with decent partners.

We draw up competent, balanced contracts that take into account the interests of all participants in the interaction and ensure a long-term mutually beneficial partnership.

We represent clients in courts.
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Organization of events
We create events, generate ideas, plan, manage, implement, control the entire logistics of the event, from idea to launch, collect feedback and achieve the intended results.

We organize events of any type and scale that allow you to interact and impress your target audience offline, face to face, in order to achieve the greatest trust and sympathy for your organization.
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Cooperation scheme
Getting Acquainted
We will learn about your business, expansion plans, goals and objectives that you face. Our representative in good English is ready to delve into all the details.
Offer solutions
After studying your goals, objectives and plans, we offer a range of solutions, in accordance with the policies of your company and in accordance with the budget that you designate.
Sign a contract
When all the nuances are clarified and agreed upon, we draw up and sign a contract, and after making the agreed advance payment, we start work
Do the work
According to the signed contract, we carry out a set of measures aimed at achieving your goals. We control the process, if necessary, make adjustments along the way.
After the work is completed, we fix the achievement of the agreed results and plan further forms of successful cooperation
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